Noticeable Improvement


Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

I had cause the other day to go back through my previous blog posts. In all honesty this is not something I really do. I kind of release my posts into the world and only think about them again when someone makes a comment. But I’m glad I did it, for it showed me something. I have grown and improved with my writing. Feelings of giddiness and mortification rolled through me as I realised that other people more than likely had picked up on this as well.

However, this is why it is so important to start writing today. Don’t wait for the perfect time because you will undoubtedly improve the more you write so therefore no time will ever be perfect.

I’ve heard from a few different writers (published and unpublished) that the first few novels you write will suck and you need to get them out to get to the good ones.  I had my doubts about this but after looking at my previous posts I can see their point. And yes, part of me cringes in regards to my old posts. But part of me is also proud that I have visible evidence of improving my craft. It’s a heady feeling, the one of improvement.

Now this isn’t to say that your writing isn’t fantastic on the first go around (there are some rare folk out there that can do this and I’m insanely envious of them) but nearly everyone will improve the more they do something. Practice does not nessecarily make perfection but it does help. So practice, practice, pactice! Poems, short stories, novels, whatever form strikes your fancy at the time, do it, it will all help. And then, after awhile, you can look back and see the improvement. Do not underestimate how good that feeling is. It will sustain you when self-doubt creeps in, as it usually does with writers.

Go forth and write people and don’t worry about how good/bad your writing is, just worry about improving it.

Have a happy and creative week everyone 🙂


4 thoughts on “Noticeable Improvement

  1. What a fantastic thing to notice! I did the same when I went back through my old blog posts—like you say, you’re torn between cringing at how badly you used to write (but thought it was good at the time!), and pride at how far you’ve come. Great things are obviously happening, Sam! Keep going! 🙂

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  2. I feel similarly. I’ve only just started to feel a bit more comfortable with writing blog posts and it’s been more than a year. That scares me a bit – what Louise says about how you think what you’ve written is good at the time – because what if what I think what I’m writing now is good, and then, this time next year, I’m like ‘what was I THINKING?’ Will this ever end? Will I ever actually write something good and have it actually be good?

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