Want To Be a Writer?


So, you’ve decided that you want to be a writer. Next step is to learn to write, correct? Newsflash; you already know how to write. At least if you have any sort of education, you know. What you’re after is knowledge of how to write better than you currently can. This can be tricky. But first things first; you need to write in order to get better. Before doing any courses etc. start writing so that you have something you to improve upon. Don’t expect this first foray into writing to be prize worthy, do it for yourself and so that you have something to measure your future writing against.

This first step is also a means of exploring what sort of things you’d like to write. Is it fiction or non-fiction? Is it journalism, copy writing, plays or any of the other hundreds of ways people use the written word? Once you’ve nailed this down a bit (and it can change) then start looking at courses and interacting with the writing community. I’ve written about the writing community before (read that post here) and seriously they are fantastic. They are very supportive and willing to help so get onto it.

Now courses. I recommend checking out the Australian Writers Centre . They have a wide variety of online and face to face courses to pick from and are lovely to deal with. Courses range from copy writing to helping you build an author platform, but seriously, check it out for yourself and decide what is right for you.

Courses and beta readers have a place because they provide you with feedback and an opportunity to learn. No one is born a fantastic writer, some have a talent for it, but the great ones all got there through perseverance and a willingness to learn their craft. So put in the work, be willing to learn and go forth and write!

If you have something to add or any questions, do so in the comments below. Have a happy and creative week everyone 🙂


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