Social Media and Writing


I have to admit, when I first started writing, social media was the last thing on my mind. I was writing the next ‘big thing’, I didn’t need to worry about social media! But then came the light bulb moment that, as a reader, I like to see what my favourite authors are up to. Be it a snippet of their latest work in progress, something that inspires them or a glimpse into their writing life in some other way, I like being able to see what goes on. Even better is when they are stuck for a character name and invite their followers to give them ideas.

So rather reluctantly I jumped on the social media bandwagon, figuring that my future readers would appreciate it, just like I do with the authors I read. Surprisingly, I discoveredΒ I freaking LOVE it. Instagram has my heart. Pictures to catch my attention and then some words underneath, I’m sold. Twitter took a bit longer, but I’m finding enjoyment with it now. I’ve stayed away from Goodreads and Snapchat because I’m afraid I’ll get really addicted. Facebook, meh, I can take it or leave it professionally. Β And my blog, well, I had no idea I would like it so much. Especially when I was frustrated and reluctant to start one.

Rather naively though, I didn’t take into account that other people would look at my social media profiles and judge them. I think I thought no one would really look until I was published and who knew when that was going to happen. So here are some tips so you don’t make the same assumptions and mistakes.

  1. From the moment you first post about your writing it is saying who you are as a writer. Think about that.
  2. It is okay to change, but understand you may lose followers. You may gain some as well.
  3. You are building a base of people who want to read your writing and hopefully buy it in the future. Remember that.
  4. Your followers are real people, treat them like you would in real life and not a faceless computer. (Unless it’s a bot, but that’s a whole different thing).
  5. It’s okay to take time out, but have a time frame and make sure you let your followers know. They are investing their time in you and it’s valuable, it’s good manners to respect that.
  6. Don’t engage with trolls. Ever. Just don’t. The block option is there for a reason, use it.
  7. Only post something if you are happy for the whole world to see it.
  8. Check your spelling and grammar (Something I still struggle with).
  9. Β Above all, be YOU. Being genuine always shines through and people appreciate that.

So that’s it, if you have any other tips let me know in the comments. Have a happy and creative week everyone πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “Social Media and Writing

  1. Hi Sam, I totally agree with your 9 points. As a writer it’s so important to get your profile out there and Social Media has been amazing in achieving that. The problem is because of the amazing content to be found, once I’m on it one thing leads to another and time flies by! I hadn’t intended to be here on your blog it’s just #MondayBlog was trending and a lot of my blogger friends were writing using the hashtag and then I saw your post! That’s why I have to limit the amount of time I spend on Social Media because despite it being so incredibly useful it does prevent me from finishing my book! Anyway, great post Sam and no doubt I will be following your posts from now on.

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    • Hi Jack and thank you πŸ™‚ I hear you, I can completely lose track of time once I start going through social media and all the awesome stuff to be found. Limiting the time on it is a great point and a rather necessary one. Good luck with your writing πŸ™‚


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