Change of Plans


This school term I was determined to get the first draft of Rosie completed. I worked out how much I needed to write every week to achieve my target and set forth to conquer my goal. Then I hit a stumbling block. You see I also committed to entering The Richell Prize at the same time (to find out more about The Richell Prize click here). Now I figured out rather quickly that concentrating 100% on two projects is a difficult thing, but I stumbled pass that block and continued on my merry way until a friend reminded me I have a month until entries for The Richell close. Cue a minor freak out.

I was blissfully ignoring the deadline, wrapped up in Rosie because, hey, the new is fascinating and my entry for The Richell is something I have been working on for years. However not long after getting the timely reminder about the deadline, Rosie came to a ‘blinding’ stop. And I write blinding because I literally can not go any further with that story until I have done some research on the British royal court of 1342. That’s the problem with historical fantasy, some things you can’t make up, you actually have to get the facts. Don’t get me wrong, some facts I have twisted to suit the story, but I can’t make up a King and his court when they already exist. Time to take the blinkers off and deal with the real world with that story.

It works out though, because now I can focus on The Richell entry without thinking about Rosie. It’s like all the characters in that story have sat down for a rest in my mind, patiently waiting for me to finish my Richell entry and do some research on the side. And after a minor wrestle in my mind about not finishing Rosie this term, I’m already excitedly going over Balance and getting it organised for The Richell. The same freaking story that only half interested me before.

I should add that I wasn’t totally ignoring it so far, I’ve managed to get about 40% of it ready while focusing on Rosie, but now it’s got all my attention. This is life and the best laid plans often have to be adapted to get the end goal. And I will get my entry in. No excuses. What plans have you guys had to change to get to your goals? Let me know in the comments.

Have a great and creative week everyone 🙂


4 thoughts on “Change of Plans

  1. I’m glad Rosie has stepped aside so you can focus on Balance! Your post freaked me out a little when it reminded me again of that deadline. Argghh!!! We can do this!!!
    I took this weekend off writing and social media after going so intensely on the Richell. Possibly a dumb thing to do so close to the deadline, but there’s nothing like a bit of pressure to spur me on for the last leg!

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