The Solace Of Reading

This week has not been the easiest of weeks for me because it has been very up and down. As some times happens, a lot of things demanded my time, but added to that stress was the fact that I couldn’t seem to write.

Now a lot of that is because time is limited, but some of it was because the few times I sat down to write I couldn’t focus. I’m not talking about the usual procrastination, but the lack of focus caused by the mind racing and unable to concentrate. This was heartbreaking for me as writing has always been my outlet at times like this and it wasn’t working. What did work however, was reading.


Over three days I finished a self help book I started months ago, finished one romance novel and started another and I’ve started a fantasy one for the purpose of reviewing it down the track. Yes, I could have used this time for writing and editing, but I feel my time was better spent doing this. Why? Because it allowed my mind to rest. Ironic because reading gives me something to focus on while part of it works on whatever is bothering me. It’s not exactly rest as you know it, but I found that after several days I was ready to dive back into my writing world.

And I have with gusto. In the space of a day I have worked on my current first draft, my Richell Prize entry and written two blog posts. So my point is, take a break if you need it, it’s okay to rest. Just don’t give up.

Have a happy and creative week everyone!


15 thoughts on “The Solace Of Reading

  1. This really raises a good point. Sometimes we are empty or life gets in the way of writing. I have experienced this many times. I read a lot, and you are right–it does help. I think it is important for writers to read good writing, and sometimes even bad, to re-set your thinking.

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  2. I’m the same, I’ve got a lot on at the moment, and it’s fairly stressful. The last thing I’ve felt like doing is writing anything, which is annoying, cause I was enjoying the writing process on my WIP, I have changed I want to implement, but all I’ve felt like doing is reading in my down time.
    Harry Potter seems to be my go to trilogy when the chips are down.


  3. I agree with you and everyone else — reading is the best ‘vacation’ from writing. I have taken up to a month’s sabbatical from writing to read, read, read. Then, I am invigorated to write again. And then there are times that writing something completely opposite to what you normally write also helps to get me back to writing faster.

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