Writing and the Body

One of the things I have noticed this week in regards to writing is, unbelievably, my body. The reason for this is because I was doing a little bit of yoga and it came to my attention that my shoulders are about as flexible as rocks. The reason for this is because I sit at the computer hunched over for long stretches at a time. Consequently they sit much closer to my ears than they should do. It is also the reason why the area across my shoulder blades aches. And it sucks.


Incorrect posture on the left, correct posture on the right.

Now that I’m conscious of it, having correct posture while at the computer is hard a thing to do! Perhaps that’s not the case for most people, but for me it is and it’s not something I was aware of doing poorly. So naturally I researched it a bit, because I fully believe that we have only one body and we need to take care of it. Below are the best tips the internet could give me for people who sit at a desk for hours at a time not moving much.

  1. Take regular breaks. This means getting up and moving. Set a reminder on your phone if you have to and go for a brief walk every hour.
  2. Feet flat on the floor.
  3. Get a decent chair suitable for sitting in front of a computer for ages. Invest in a support pillow for correct curvature of the spine if needed. Also look at setting up your desk ergonomically. I suggest researching this because the options range from simple to complicated with angles etc.
  4. Stick a picture of correct posture where you can see it at your desk and regularly check your own against it.
  5. Stretches are your friend. The following are two YouTube clips with a few you can do at your desk. Desk Stretches and Proper Desk Posture.

I hope these tips help and remember, we only get one body so look after it! Have a great week and happy creating.



11 thoughts on “Writing and the Body

  1. Tell me about it! One side of my neck is shooting pain up into my head today because of my 9-5 desk job and then writing all weekend. I remember JK Rowling saying one of the first things she does after finishing a book is visit the chiropractor. I also feel like my shoulders are up around my ears!

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  2. Great reminders and suggestions, Samantha. I have a tendency to crouch over like I’m the Hunchback of Notre Dame while I’m writing . Urgh. I’m doing it now. The sad thing is, I have a decent chair and my keyboard is at an optimal height. This is just a bad habit that’s going to be hard to break. I like your suggestion of keeping a picture of the correct posture at my desk, just to remind myself not to crouch over while I’m writing.

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    • Every 20 minutes, wow, yeah I would find that hard. Thought every hour was hard enough, especially when the words are flowing. Not so hard to do when the words are stuck 🙂 But yes you are right, a timer helps.


  3. Oh no! The only one of those things I do is take regular breaks – and that’s more due to procrastination / working out plot issues than taking care of my body. But you made a very good point about having only one body and needing to take care of it. It’s a timely reminder to take ergonomics more seriously.

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