When Inspiration Strikes


What do you do when inspiration strikes at a really inconvenient time? I know some people who carry a notebook with them everywhere so they can jot down ideas. Others use an app on their phone. Personally I just hope I remember it next time I sit down at the computer. Although I have been known to write it down on a scrap of paper if it really won’t leave me alone. The opening scene for Rosie was like that, disturbing my sleep until I got it out of Β my head.

This blog post is also a bit like that. I first thought about it as I was drifting off to sleep last night. It was still there in the morning and I’m currently at the beach writing this on my phone (thank god for modern technology). The idea simply wouldn’t leave me alone until it’s written.

And I think that’s when you know it’s important to you because the idea/inspiration won’t disappear until you write it. It’s also, I think, how you know that writing really is something that is a part of you. It’s not so much about being published, but letting the words out so you can function. I’m very distracted when an idea is hanging around and I can’t write about it.

So what do you do when the ideas are flowing and you can’t stop what you are doing to write them down? Mentally I explore them so that when I do get to write them down I very rarely have to edit them. It’s such a relief to let the words out as well.

Let me know what you do and happy creating!


7 thoughts on “When Inspiration Strikes

  1. I love my phone. It’s almost a virtual office! I’ve drafted WordPress blog on it, but not posted from it yet (too much of a perfectionist πŸ˜‚), but whenever I get an idea – it’s usually straight into a notes folder on my phone – the number of different folders, from blog ideas, to book reviews, to story ideas and songs to remember for iMovies – is almost endless. I even have Scrivener downloaded onto it for my WIPs incase I’m ever struck by insane inspiration in the middle of nowhere (or the grocery aisle) – and I do actually use it sometimes. But I am trying to get better at letting ideas sit in my head these days – I don’t often get around to actually checking those lists I create on my phone!

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  2. My phone is the only thing I always, always, have handy. I eventually gave up the false assumption that I would remember sparks of inspiration and started actually jotting down anything that came to mind in my ‘virtual notes’. When I fill up a ‘note’ I email it to myself and either print it off and stick it in the relevant scrapbook or stash it in an email folder for future reference. The bigger ideas hang around in my head but I lost grip on the tiny sparks, before I started typing myself notes on my phone, and they would invariably slip away.

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