Aha Moments


Life, I think, is peppered with aha or light bulb moments. Picture it, you’re busy doing something, frustrated that it won’t work correctly or that you’re doing the same thing over and over and suddenly you realise why it isn’t working. Enter the aha moment. It could be you’re missing one small vital step, or you are repeating things you shouldn’t. It could be a change in thought pattern, who knows, but something has made you stop and think and approach a situation differently than you did before.

I quite like these moments, I think they are awesome. I have no idea what is going on in my mind to make them, but I do know that they are usually born out of frustration at something. But there are also times when I’m thinking about things in general and it will happen randomly. Or I’m chatting with someone and they will say something that really resonates with me, something that makes my soul hum and I’m like, well damn, that was well said! The last time that happened was when a bunch of my friends and I were talking about life/work balance. One of them said that it was better to go with the flow than to try and balance it all because you are forever trying to juggleΒ otherwise. That definitely hit home.

I also have these aha moments with my stories. I think a lot of creative people do, only this time it’s called a break through or they’ve got past the writer’s block they had going on. Life wouldn’t be possible without them and I certainly think they make it more interesting. They are also a key component to my stories, those moments when my characters suddenly realise something and the story then progresses. What about you, what do you think about these type of moments?

Let me know in the comments and happy creating πŸ™‚


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