Bullet journal: 2017 in focus

Traditionally a new year means new resolutions and a willingness to change and strive for your goals. Usually I make goals for the year, write them down and forget about them, accidentally accomplishing some of them along the way. This year I have gone for something slightly different. A bullet journal.


A bullet journal is a cross between a diary and a journal, but really you can use it however you want.

This little gem of a thing was brought to my attention by a private Facebook group I belong to and I have to say that I’m really in love with it. Basically a bullet journal is setting yourself up for the year ahead, mapping out what is important to you and how you are going to accomplish it. You can go as in depth with it as you like (some people use it as a diary as well as for goal setting purposes) and I have to say that mine started out as simple and I’m gradually adding more pages to it.


My index page and what I’m using my bullet journal for. 

To start with I jotted down the things I wanted to keep track of this year on scrap paper. That turned out to be exercise, writing and finances. Then I figured out when I wanted to achieve them by and sorted out ways to achieve it. The bullet journal allows you to keep track of your progress and is brilliant to look back on when you feel like you are treading water and going absolutely nowhere.

Now, you can buy bullet journals online (google bullet journals to find your nearest stockist), but I have to say that I am really liking the idea of making your own. I grabbed an empty notebook I had, googled bullet journals and looked at Pinterest for inspiration and away I went. This is where I need to make it clear that I am not posting this to tell you how to make a bullet journal, there are enough blog posts and internet articles out there on the subject and you can google that. What I am telling you is what a fantastic tool they are for accomplishing your goals.

Bullet journals quickly make it very clear to you what is most important to you and what exactly you are prepared to do to get there. If you want to run a marathon, it’s a great way to break it down into manageable  chunks and make sure you get there. Same if you want to write a book, learn to knit or any other thing that is important to you. You can even use it to figure out ways to spend more time with your family or something similar.

Really, when it comes down to it, bullet journals are a concise way of mapping your goals and dreams and how you are going to get there. After all, a goal is simply a dream with a plan and a new year is a great time to figure all this out. Think of it as new year resolutions amplified.

Now I know it’s early days in my bullet journal career so I promise to give you an update on it in a few months time. But really, so far, I’m impressed and if nothing else, I clearly know where I am going at the start of 2017. So tell me, what would you put in your bullet journal? What is your focus for 2017


5 thoughts on “Bullet journal: 2017 in focus

  1. To be honest – this is the first time I’ve heard of a Bullet Journal, so thanks for writing about it. I’m not that great at setting down my goals for the year on paper – I tend to keep them in my head. But you’ve prompted me to look into this idea as life certainly got very busy once the writing and social media came along! There’s much more to keep track of these days in that brain of mine!


    • I hope it is something you find useful Marie. I only heard about it in the last 2 weeks and I’m seriously wondering were it has been all my working life 🙂 And I hear you, life is so busy these days that I easily over look things sometimes.

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