Chaos and Planning

It’s the week before Christmas and I have to say things are a little mad around here. The kids didn’t finish school until the 15th so all that has only just stopped, then hubby and I went away for the weekend. The chaos increases when my mother in law arrives and my youngest has an important appointment. Oh and I forgot there are also play dates arranged for Wednesday and Friday and a high tea with my workout girls on Friday morning. Plus I’ve left present shopping to the last minute for some people and everyday life stuff still needs to happen. Where am I going to fit in my writing?!


This time of year is pretty busy for everyone.

This is the part where I have to be realistic. This type of week doesn’t happen very often and this time of the year is always kinda hectic, but does my writing matter enough or can it be pushed to the side? The answer is yes it bloody well matters. At least to me anyway, I’m sure the rest of the family thinks it could be put aside for the week. So what am I going to do? Put simply I will still write. I will do what everyone else who has a dream they are adamantly pursuing does and that is make time for it. If that means getting up early or staying up late then that is what I will do.

Here comes the realism again though. I can’t do that everyday, I’m just not wired for it. But I have a plan! I’ll be opportunistic –  a 3 hour plane ride on Monday is perfect writing time, Tuesday when I have no choice but to be home and one morning when the chaos isn’t reigning supreme. Saturday I’m leaving open for any last minute things and Sunday is Christmas. Week sorted!

All I had to do was look at it and be realistic about what is going on. And not strive for the impossible. If you want something, plan for it and do it, otherwise it will get put to the side and simply be another dream unfulfilled. Don’t let the chaos of life stop you.



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