Knowing it all…not!

When I was a kid I thought that adults knew everything. Now I am one I realise I really know stuff all and the older I get the less I know. A startling revelation  I’m pretty  sure just about everyone has had.

So what is my point? Sometimes you have to fake it. It’s what all the adults of the world do at some stage and lets be honest, as a kid you never knew any different. But also kids are pretty honest if they don’t know something and they trust that someone else will tell them, so why has that got to change now we’re adults?

If you are willing to learn, jump off the deep end and go for it. Who cares if you know nothing, ask questions, that’s how we learn!  Do it, do that thing that is scaring you, that class you want to do but are afraid to because you don’t want to look like an idiot. Newsflash, we all look like an idiot at some point, might as well look like it in the pursuit of new awesome possibilities.


Go down a different path and see the difference.

If you lack confidence to go after your dreams, fake that confidence and go after them anyway. Fake it but be that kid again, that one that asked questions and wasn’t afraid to be honest about not having all the answers. Don’t be embarrassed about not knowing, you’re human, you can’t possibly know everything. Even computers only know what we program them to.

I’m not talking about chucking in your job and chasing the impossible. Figure out what your dream is and the steps that will take you to it. Take that first step and see how it feels. If it feels awesome continue, if not, perhaps it’s not really for you but at least you learnt that instead of day dreaming about it. Now you have space for new possibilities, ones that you perhaps had not thought of before taking that other step.

So get out there, learn something new, chase your dreams and the possibilities.


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