Fiona McIntosh, tools and 2 minutes

So on Monday I meet the lovely Fiona McIntosh, author of Myrren’s Gift, The Lavender Keeper, Goddess and numerous other books. She was at my local library to talk about her latest release The Chocolate Tin and I thought it was a good opportunity to see a fairly well known author in the flesh (I swear I don’t have multiple personalities, but she thinks my name is Tracy. Check out my Facebook page to see why).


She did not disappoint. One of the things I learnt about Fiona is that although her latest release is historical romance, she started by writing fantasy. Be still my beating heart! She also explained about her Masterclasses, which are so popular that they are no places left for next year and 2018 is already starting to fill up. I left her talk feeling inspired and impressed with her work balance. She explained some of her typical work week and I have to say she seems to have the balance working a lot better than I do. She works 4 days with the other 3 for her and her family and friends. This seems like a much better approach than my one of a little bit everyday.

So that night I sent an email inquiring about the Masterclass and the next day I received an email with information. My heart skipped a beat, the cost of the class is pretty much out of my reach right now. The Masterclass itself sounds fantastic and I think I would get a lot out of it, nor do I think she is asking too much, considering what she is offering. I just have a little problem with a thing called money and spending it on myself.

I rang my husband and spoke to him about it and his response? ‘Babe, I spend money on tools to further myself at work, this is the same thing. Save the money and do it.’ (He’s a plumber by the way).

I was blown away and saw the situation in a new light. I take myself seriously as a writer, it is what I want to do with my life and to have him say that and support me made my heart sing loudly with happiness. So that’s what I’m doing. I’m saving for the deposit so I can secure my place in 2018. Yeah, it’s ages away but I’m not changing my mind on writing and the time is going to pass anyway so I may as well do it.

2 minutes is all it took for my husband to make me see things differently. 2 minutes to make me see that he takes this as seriously as I do. It was the best 2 minutes.

To find out more information on Fiona McIntosh’s Masterclasses click here


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