Priorities: Make them.

It is nearly the end of the first week of Nanowrimo 2016 and I will put my hand up and say that I have found it hard.

I didn’t expect to because I had successfully completed Nanowrimo 2015 but this time I am struggling. Why? Because my priorities have shifted. Last year I was focused on just writing, this year I’m not.


Birthday parties, this year I have two in November to organise.

Firstly, both of my daughters have birthdays in November. Last year my youngest didn’t have a party, choosing to go out to dinner instead. This year it is all about the party with both wanting one. I tried to have a joint one but no, they have different friends and don’t want to share etc. so separate it is.  And I am so not the type of mother who enjoys hosting parties. Still, I know they will have a great time, it’s just this time last year I was writing, this year I am mothering.  Priority shift number one.

Secondly, social media!!! Last year I only had a personal Facebook account, nothing else. This year I have that plus a Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter and this blog. Nothing sucks up your time like mindlessly cruising through it all. I try to limit it, but I pretty much disregard any time limit I put on myself. I really am my own worst enemy when it comes to this, passing it off as building my author platform. But seriously, I know I’m just procrastinating. Thank god I didn’t have a smart phone or my own computer as a teenager or I would never have passed high school.

The last priority shift is my health. Last year my health still wasn’t completely up to scratch and I needed down time. This was perfect for writing as you don’t really move your body much with it. It allowed my brain to stay active and still give my body the rest it needed at times. These days my health is awesome and consequently I am doing more, eating into my writing time.

Is there a solution to all this? Yep, getting organised. My girls’ parties are all done, simply have to host them. Secondly, set certain times of the day where I check social media and stick to it! And lastly, look at what I have planned for the day the night before and figure out the best time to write. Up to this point I have been trying to follow last year’s pattern, but the reality is it is not last year.

Some of what worked for me in 2015 is working now, but some of it isn’t. And I really don’t want to get to the end of Nanowrimo all stressed out and hating it.  Writing is a joy for me and I want to keep it that way. Time to prioritise.  Happy creating!


7 thoughts on “Priorities: Make them.

  1. I don’t know what I’m more afraid of, not finishing NaNoWriMo, or finishing and being totally stressed out. I’m going to pick Social Media times from now on too, the SM admin can pile up!
    Good luck for this year (and the parties- I feel tired for you).

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  2. I have let my social media and blog go for the last two months as I prepared for NaNoWriMo. I realised that having a small following is a blessing as no one notices too much when you go AWOL for a bit. I prioritised my writing over platform building. 😀

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  3. This is my first NaNo but like you, the first time I wrote a manuscript there was no social media in the background. I am finding that the social media is giving way to the writing as I am forcing myself each day to write before I access social media, hoping that I finally set myself some good habits post NaNo. I’ve been on a bit of a social media whirlwind over the past few months, where very little ‘real’ writing has been done, justifying it as a ‘total immersion’ to learn how it all ticks. It’s time to stop using that excuse now!
    Good luck in finding that balance between writing & social media, and of course all the important things in life that ‘must go on’ 😊

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    • Thanks Marie and I saw your total word count so far for NaNo, you are rocking it!!!
      I think I’ll have to write first thing, but it is so tempting to check social media first. But then I get caught up in it and before I know it an hour has passed (that has just happened).
      Back to it, no excuses! 🙂

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