Lessons In Mistakes

If any of you follow me on twitter (really not sure if you do), you’ll know that on Friday I attempted to give myself a heart attack while messing around with my blog site.  I deleted things by accident equaling an instant heart palpation that had me momentarily worried for my health. Relax, it worked out okay, both my heart and my blog.


Some of my initial reaction was to do this to my computer, luckily I didn’t.

First let me explain that I’m really not that tech savvy. I tend to fiddle around until I get it right, which was part of my problem on Friday. For awhile now I’ve  been unhappy with how my About page is also my home page. I couldn’t figure out how to make them separate (if you know how and it’s easy, awesome, but for me it wasn’t). So I thought I had figured out that I could just delete the About page, leaving the Home page by itself.

Well…. I hit delete and all the pages disappeared. For a nasty moment I thought I was going to have to start again and nearly cried (as well as have my heart fail). Then I noticed some things were still there so I thought I better check before getting all dramatic.

YES! I had simply deleted a useless menu and now things were all as they should be. After a quick happy dance and a cautious bit of fiddling, my site looked better than before and I was happier.  I’m sure I will continue to fiddle with it, but at the moment I’m content.


My reaction when I figured out everything was fine.

Sometimes a mistake/accident can be the best thing that can happen, but really the best thing I learnt out of this was to stay calm and focus on what was in front of me. Otherwise I really would have cried and missed that things had been made accidentally better.



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