Handwriting or Computer Typing?

So this post’s topic was born out of laziness on my part. I needed to write my blog, but I couldn’t be bothered getting my computer. My notepad was near by so I figured it was easier to locate a pen and jot down notes and type later. WRONG!


Blog’s are internet based and really I should have just typed the freaking the post.

When I went back later to type it I realized my fatal error, I was double handling my work. Not only that, but I had missed words while writing and some of what I had written didn’t make sense. My lazy solution had only made my life harder later. But it did get me thinking. I know people who swear by hand writing their first draft. They claim that it makes them slow down and consider what they write.

After this little exercise, there is no way on earth you could get me to write a story by hand. If there is a computer or tablet, something like that, I’m using it.

But what about writing other things? I write lists so I can get things done. Now these I actually do write by hand and have no hope of converting to a smart phone or tablet. I tried and I just didn’t look at the list. Once again there are people who swear by using theirΒ smart phones for list making.


I write my lists by hand with no hope of changing to more modern technology.

So really, handwriting and computer typing both have their place, like anything in this world. Doesn’t matter which you prefer, so long as you are creating and getting things done.


4 thoughts on “Handwriting or Computer Typing?

  1. Great post! I laughed out loud at the caption beneath your photo (great photo by the way!). I do as much as I possibly can electronically. I have a Woolworths shopping app (which is usable in any other grocery store) – I haven’t written a shopping list in years. I use the notes function on my phone for all sorts of lists and record keeping. I do the same on my laptop (which is even better now that I figured out how to airdrop my phone notes into my laptop with the touch of a button). And today I properly started my second manuscript. I am using Scrivener and forced myself to set out as many scenes as possible using the ‘cork board’ option. There’s no way I’m writing any of it by hand! Too right about the double handling!


  2. I’m just getting my blog going and I’ve been writing the posts in my notebook at the park because the second I get the laptop out the kids are all over me! They’re not so interested in my notebook (and by notebook I mean book with paper pages… not a computer). I also like the feeling of writing rather than typing occasionally, and having a bit of screen-free writing time πŸ™‚


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