Is Preparation Your Key?

I don’t know about anyone else but I’m a real mixed bag when it comes to preparation and writing. Prior to writing A Balance of Secrets, I never planned my stories in anyway. Then I got the idea for Secrets and I actually fleshed out the three main characters to a certain extent and jotted down points for the beginning of the story. Once that was done I happily wrote partย of the manuscript. ย Then I got to a point where I couldn’t keep track of who had met who so I came up with my spider web which was also great for giving me a visual of my characters and the places they have been or are going to.


Part of my spider web

Then came the editing process. Suddenly I had plot holes and needed a way to keep track of them. Enter the whiteboard. I say whiteboard, but in reality it’s a large picture frame that I’ve turned into one. This suits me really well because it’s not too big for my creative space and I got to make it more colourful than white. I adore colour.


My picture frame turned whiteboard

I have NEVER prepared like that before and I have to say it has made it easier. What I liked about it the most though was that it was all organic. I didn’t plan every last detail of my story, but nor did I totally pants it. I guess, at least for me, the answer is that a little bit of preparation is key, but not too much. And that’s the best thing about being creative, you can change your approach ย and still get results. Prepare or not, no one but you gets to decide how you create and that’s freaking awesome.


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