Inspiration: What is it and why can’t it be there on demand?

Ok, ok, first up I have to say that put simply inspiration is what ever gets you up off your butt and creating. It really can be different for everyone and although the same thing may inspire people it can do it in different ways. FASCINATING!


Inspiration can come from anywhere.

Example: Troye Sivan’s song Wild with Alessia Cara. I hear it and start thinking of a story idea, my youngest daughter hears it and is inspired to dance like a manic (while in the car). We both heard it at the same time but reacted pretty differently.

Inspiration can come from a piece of artwork, a TV show or a conversation with a stranger. It doesn’t really matter what it is, just so long as it triggers that spark. Your job is then to turn it into a conflagration of creation. That has its own set of problems, but that is for a different time.


Music is a big source of inspiration for me.

Once you have figured out what inspires you the most (for me this is music) you can then turn to it and hope to get hit with creative ideas when ever you need it. This is sometimes called having a muse. Pretty handy. Sometimes it can take ages to figure out what inspires you, I was 29 before I figured it out. The easiest way is to look at your work and think back to what you were doing when you first got the idea for it. Pretty soon a common factor will become apparent. But what do you do when you turn to your inspiration and nothing happens?

question trees

This, quite frankly, sucks. But I think it means you need to take a break and simply let things rest for a bit. Hard to do, but necessary sometimes.  Like anything, go at it too hard or too often it will give out.  Also, from what I understand from talking to other people, your main source of inspiration can change. If this happens to me I will seriously cry like a 2 year old, complete with throwing myself on the ground, limbs flailing. I not long ago figured it out, I don’t want it to change!

To sum it up, inspiration is a bit like a wild animal that likes you. Happy to be there when it wants to be, but fleeting and easily scared off. What inspires you?


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