The Cursed Child Launch

Last Tuesday I decided that I really needed to get away from my computer screen and get out into the book community. What better place to start than the around the world launch of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child?


Waiting for the books

First up I couldn’t really find anywhere near me that was celebrating the launch and I really wanted to do something other than just buy the book (I can do that online and it kind of defeats the purpose of getting out into the book community). So after a bit of searching I stumbled across Dymocks Busselton. Busselton is about an hour and 40 minute drive away but we have friends there, so my husband and I decided to visit them at the same time.

So at 4:40 am on Sunday the 31st July, I woke up, got my kids ready and hopped in the car with my husband. The drive was entertaining as my husband and kids tried to catch Pokemon. Apparently I was driving to fast for them, I think they just couldn’t catch them.

Once I got there, hubby dropped me off and I got talking to a lovely lady who told me about the last time she lined up for a book launch. It was for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and she was in line for 2 hours! She was planning on having a Harry Potter movie marathon once she got home to entertain her young children while she read the Cursed Child. While we were chatting several more people turned up, ranging from about 6 years old  to 60+. Some where dressed up, some not, but all excited.


The box is open!

Then it was time: 7:01 am. The ladies at Dymocks opened the boxes and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was revealed. It looked so shiny and new! The adults hung back while the kids got their copies and then I had mine. After paying I looked around at the decorations and games the ladies had done. The kids enjoyed it and so did the adults.


After that I walked up the street to the bakery, bought breakfast and called my husband to come and get me. While I waited several people stopped to chat with me about Harry. It was obvious I had just been to the bookstore and everyone seemed to know why. They were lovely! One lady in particular told me about how she always bought the Potter books with her grandson. He has now grown up and lives in Melbourne, but they were still excited about the new release and she had just bought a copy to share with him.

All in all it was an early start to the day but worth it. One, I had a copy of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and two, the fans. Potter fans the world over tend to be friendly people and it is awesome to connect with them. Yes, the story is fantastic and J.K Rowling is a great author, but the fans add that extra bit that make Harry Potter such a terrific experience. My recent foray into the book community was awesome and reminded me why I love it.




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