Self-Care: How To Get More Done


Today’s lifestyle is rush rush rush.

Self-care is something I’ve heard a lot about this week so I thought it was a good chance to focus on it and remind myself and others why it is so important, for in the end it actually helps you get more done in your life.

Today’s world is so busy and everything must be done now. My own life, for example, consists of looking after four school aged children, after school sport and training for it, my own sport (volleyball FYI), group personal training twice a week, a husband that works away most of the time and then there is the general stuff like running a household and all that comes with it. In there I also find time to write. Some of these activities have very specific deadlines, others are more flexible, but the upshot of it is that it all has to be done that week. Some of it I could give up, like volleyball, but then I would miss out on having fun with friends and this is where self-care comes into it.

If I focus solely on my family and put myself last, I end up tired, out of sorts and more often than not, sick. That helps no one. For starters I make a pretty shocking patient (I either want sympathy all the time or don’t believe I’m that sick and get worse from disregarding advice), my husband or mum have to help me look after the kids and everything tends to fall apart to some extent. However, if I take the time to do something for myself, I’m happier and everyone else around me feels the effect of it.

Self-care for me is taking time to exercise at least three times a week, reading everyday, a bubble bath a couple of times a week and catching up with friends and family. These activities take a few hours max, sometimes they last only five minutes, but when the time is up I have recharged and I feel capable of continuing on at full speed. This has a flow on effect with my writing. I often find that when I take these moments for myself I come up with ideas and solutions in regards to what I am currently writing. This happened yesterday when I was catching up with my brother and dad. Talking with them gave me an idea for a plot hole I was struggling with and last night I was able to fix it.


Self-care can take many different forms. Reading is one of them.

In the end it comes down to this, if you don’t take time out for yourself, eventually you will run dry and be unable to help anyone. It’s like the airplane safety drill, put the oxygen mask on yourself first and then help others, passing out isn’t going to help anyone.


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